Meet Our Team ✨💕✌🏻

Name: Candace
Role: Team Manager - Social Media and E-commerce manager doing all things social ✌🏻

Quick Fire 🔥
Cats or Dogs? Cats! But I love both🐶🐱 
Pizza or Pasta? Pasta🍝        
Beach or City?  Beach 🐬
Night in or night out? Night in with my cats and a true crime documentary 🕵🏻‍♀️
Starbucks or Costa? Starbucks 
Winter or Summer? Summer! 💕 
Iphone or something else? Iphone and Apple everything!! 😎

Name: Chloe
Role: Graphic designer extraordinaire 
Chloe designs all of our cute af designs as well as creating all of the imagery you see on

Quick Fire 🔥
Cats or Dogs? Cats 😺
Pizza or Pasta? Pizza ANY DAY
Beach or City? City
Night in or night out? Night in, Amazon Prime and Chloe time.
Starbucks or costa? Starbucks, no question.
Winter or Summer? Summer 🍹🌡️☀️
iPhone or Something else? Samsung! If you Aura Glow, you Aura know.

Name: Sarah
Role: Product Designer
Sarah also designs and creates all of our cute af products as well making sure all of the latest phone models are available on

Quick Fire 🔥
Cats or Dogs? Dogs every time! Especially Shih Tzu's! 
Pizza or Pasta? Pizza  
Beach or City? White sandy beach
Night in or night out? The odd night out and let my hair down!
Starbucks or costa? Starbucks red cups FTW!
Winter or Summer? Summer and sandals 🌤
iPhone or Something else? Apple everything! 

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